Welcome to the Temporary Service

The Temporary Services has placed their clients in top Fortune 500 companies throughout the Tri-State area. They have established long-term relationships with companies at the forefront of innovation and can introduce their candidates to a variety of roles in different sectors to help find their career.

In addition, Deborah Weiner, the managing director of THE TEMPORARY SERVICES and owner of Get that Job TODAY, a motivational and intuitive employment coaching service, is an industry recognized leader in the employment field and believes that coaching and mentoring her job seekers on the techniques to compete in TODAY's employment market, it is her lifes calling.


The Temporary Service employs a strategic partnership approach by providing a mutually profitable relationship with both their clients and potential candidates.


Combining experience with innovation, The Temporary Service is adaptive and responsive to the needs of each individual client.


The Temporary Service believes that understanding each market is a vital ingredient in providing superior service – and also an important philosophy in the Noor, Inc. corporate structure.


With over 25 years of successful innovative and placement history, The Temporary Service strives to be unsurpassed in the recruitment and placement of employess within their clients' organization.

Our Values


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We recognize that people are central to our business. We trust, support and enable people to grow. We encourage people to be in touch with their specific, individual goals and to leverage our business to attain these goals. We recognize that everyone (our candidates, our clients and our team) makes a contribution and is an integral part of our success.


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We value the sharing of true information, experience and resources. We foster and encourage real, transparent dialogue at all levels. This allows us to identify strengths and to be honest, open and in touch with our weaknesses. We encourage constant improvement in our relationships and communication which means not focusing on appearances or perception but focusing what is real and true. This results in improved services for our clients and candidates.

Accountability & Ownership

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Accountability & Ownership

We build leaders and we seek people who have an intrinsic sense of accountability and ownership. We own and learn from our mistakes and do not accept mediocrity; we are continuously building our team with people who treat our business, clients and candidates with a deep sense of ownership and accountability.


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We know that our industry is one of the most competitive, dynamic and challenging of all industries. We recognize and accept that we will miss shots, but our tenacity, persistence and boundless positivity define us and embody the value we bring to our clients and candidates.